The cloud 3D “digital twin” collaboration platform
for engineering and the AEC industry.

Your project’s smart 3D digital twin as a Service

Connect 50+ 3D formats to your business data to create your product’s “smart shape”.

Optimized & delivered up to 200x faster through our secured 3D streaming protocol.

On all screens – including VR – for all the stakeholders to explore & collaborate.

Get more agile: start building your product’s smart shape today!

STX France

SmartShape is being used by STX France to support the manufacturing of the biggest cruise ships in the world, some of the most complex man-made structures.

SmartShape’s capacity to collaborate enables everyone from the design teams to the construction crews to view and interact with the 3D blueprints.

Our solution allows the management team to get feedback in real time directly on the 3D models from the dry dock. This helps resolve any challenges quickly while keeping a steady workflow.

Thanks to SmartShape’s offline feature the entire team can collaborate anywhere towards a cohesive vision by simplifying communication throughout the construction process which reduces risk, uncertainty and liabilities.

They Trust Us

The Digital Twin At Scale

Tens of millions of unique 3D objects.

Hundreds of millions of searchable attributes.

Terabytes of explorable 3D data.


Available in seconds on any device.

Manufacturing & Maintenance

Down to the assembly line

Get your product’s 3D model down to the assembly line: check for defects, provide feedback and review the assembly process.

Prepare maintenance

Prepare maintenance operation informational content on top of the 3D model and plan procedures in Virtual Reality.

From CAD to actionable data

From CAD conception throughout your project life time, track all relevant data directly on your smart 3D model.

Leverage your product’s smart shape to build better and faster!

Project Management & Documentation

Collaborative work

Integrate your 3D models into your intranet or your ERP to facilitate collaborative work.

Augmented documentation

Combine documents and 3D models to create a more unique and intuitive single documentation data repository.

Integrated messaging

Get direct and organized feedback directly on your smart 3D models and track the conversation.

Training & Sales

Virtual/Augmented Reality training

Captivate your teams with immersive Virtual Reality content integrated into your LMS.

Online 3D catalogue

Online catalogue/showcase website of your 3D projects and client demos.

Interactive demonstrators

Turn your smart 3D models into powerful interactive demonstrators.