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Stop a file conversion

It’s possible to visualize and manage the conversion queue from the administration panel clicking on “Queue” in the left side menu.

It will display the queue state with messages currently in processing (unacknowledged) and the ones ready to be processed (ready).

To stop a file conversion, it’s needed to identify which connection to the queue is associated to the file. To do that, we must retrieve the corresponding consumer tag from the optimize service log file.

Let us assume that we want to stop the conversion of /model1.dae file, executing this command:

docker exec smartshape \
    cat /var/log/minko/optimize-service.log.[LOG_FILE_DATE] \
    | jq ".optimizeConsumerData.filename == \"/model1.dae\").optimizeConsumerData.consumerTag"

Will show the associated consumer tag:


Then, you just need to click on the Queues tabs then optimize.

Unroll the Consumers list at the bottom to see all consumers related to the queue and identify the one corresponding to the file consumer tag (surrounded in red on the picture). Get the number near the : in Channel column, in our case, it’s 46767 (surrounded in green on the picture).

Then, click on the Connections tab and in the Filter field, enter the number you just got:

Clicking on the link in the Name column should display a page with a Force Close button that will stop the file conversion. Please notice it’s possible to specify a reason for this interruption.

Note: This example is about a file being optimized only and not its thumbnail generation. Stopping the thumbnail generation is very similar, except that the command to find the * consumer tag:

docker exec smartshape \
  cat /var/log/minko/optimize-service.log.[LOG_FILE_DATE] \
  | jq "select(.thumbnailConsumerData.filename == \"/model1.dae\").thumbnailConsumerData.consumerTag"

And the number corresponding to the connection to stop will be found in the thumbnail queue.

Last updated on 5 Jul 2017

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