Inviting a guest to collaborate

Inviting a guest to collaborate

The guest share functionality allows you to invite specific contacts or collaborators via their email. They can fully collaborate with you in real time on the model.

  • Click on the button in the Action bar (in the bottom right-hand corner) to open the Share column.

  • Click on Add Guest under Guest Share in the Share column.
  • Enter the email address of your collaborator.
  • Click the to confirm or the to cancel.

Once validated, a message will appear saying an invitation email has been sent to your collaborator, and their email address will be listed under Guest Share.

Your collaborator will receive an automated email with a direct link to the model. No SmartShape account is required for them to collaborate on the 3D model.

The invited contact can then click on the link and open the same model in their own browser in order to collaborate on it in real-time.

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